For more than half a century, Charter Arms has been a manufacturer of finely made revolvers. Charter Arms is an American-owned company that produces 100% American made products from 100% American parts. Founded in 1964 by Douglas McClennahan, who had a vision to produce quality handguns that were reliable and highly affordable. McClennahan’s idea was brought to fruition with the introduction of the Undercover, a small and lightweight steel-framed revolver. It had the fewest moving parts, and the proprietary hammer block system provided unparalleled protection against accidental discharge.

The Undercover proved to be a successful design and became the platform for many revolvers to come. Over the years, Charter Arms has held steadfast to its commitment to quality standards and affordability. With amazing firearms such as the pitbull series, bulldog series, chic lady, blacknitride series and many more.

So Why Choose a Charter Arms Revolver?

  • Smallest, lightest one-piece frame—stronger than screw-on side plate designs.
  • Fewest critical moving parts for simplicity of design and trouble free operation.
  • All barrels, machined with eight groves instead of six for higher velocity, flatter trajectory and better accuracy. All barrels shroud the ejector rod.
  • Completely blocked hammer system cannot fire unless trigger is held in full rear position – safest revolver design in the world. In fact, Charter invented the hammer block transfer bar safety system used by almost every revolver manufacturer.
  • Shortest hammer throw, fastest lock time.
  • Wide trigger and hammer spur.
  • Cylinder lock up is in three places instead of two: cylinder stop and ejector rod collar for additional safety, strength and cylinder-to- barrel lock up.
  • No stud to hold cylinder in place when open–only US manufacturer to feature.
  • 100% American Made  |  100% American Parts  |  100% American Owned

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